Side Income

The Side Income tab is the catch all tab for any irregular and non-salaried income. In this tab you can place income from Side Hobbies or Rental Income.

Manual User Cells: • Side Income Labels • Side Income Amounts

To add a particular source of Side Income, simply rename one of the existing yellow columns to reflect your Side Income side. Enter in any source of income in the yellow area, corresponding to the month you received the income.

Examples of Side Income:

  • Side/Hobby Income

  • Rental Income

  • Irregular consulting/casual/contracting income

Entering irregular income instead of a Salary

One of the main features of the Side Income tab is income smoothing. If you are paid irregular amounts or not on a fixed schedule, this tab will apply an averaged value through to the rest of the Sheet. This is a handy feature for contractors or casuals who may not receive a consistent amount each week.

To make use of this feature, go to the SheetOptions tab and set Include Side Income in Budget Income? to Yes. This will provide an averaged income figure to your Budget tab and allow the Sheet in some portions to predict what you will earn over 12 months.

Adding additional sources of income

If you need more than the default 4 sources of income, simply right click on central yellow column (labeled I above Test Income 3 in the above screenshot), and select Insert 1 Left. Fill in this column as needed.

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