Liabilities & Debts

The liabilities and debt tab keeps track and provides a variety of statistics on any outstanding loans. This may include a Student loan, Car Loan or Credit Card debt.
Mortgages must go in the Property Tab. Please see the Property page of these instructions for steps on how to enter in your Mortgage balance.
Manual User Cells: • Liabilities breakdown Table
A summary of the Liabilities breakdown table is as follows:
Loan Start Date
The date your Loan started.
Interest Frequency
How often your interest is calculated per year. This is could be daily or monthly.
Annual Interest Rate
What your annual interest rate is.
Regular Payment / month
How much you pay towards your loan in total each month.
Start loan Balance
What your initial loan balance is.
Current loan Balance
What your current loan balance is.
Loan Payments Paid
If known, how much you've paid on your loan to date.
Total Interest/Fees accrued
How much you've accrued in fees or interest.
Estimated interest/period
An estimate of the amount of fees you pay per period (see interest frequency).
Estimated total interest on loan
An estimate of how much interest you'll pay on your loan over its lifetime.
Estimated Final Payment Date
An estimated date of when you will pay off your loan.