Capital Gains Calculator

New to the Sheet in v2.11.4 is a new Capital Gains feature to help provide an estimated FIFO Capital Gains amount owing, a helpful estimate for tax time.

WARNING: This tool is NOT designed to be used as a Tax Tool. All estimations are general estimations, are non-specific and have not taken into account your unique circumstances. They are not to be used or taken as Tax advice. Please do your own research and see a Tax professional for tax purposes.

The author of the Sheet has endeavoured to best replicate regional CGT calculation techniques in the region for your Sheet. If you believe that this logic is incorrect or not calculation your summary correctly, please leave a comment in the Feedback Thread.

Capital Gains Tab

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Currently the Sheet only supports a FIFO Capital Gains calculation methodology, although Average Cost/Shared Pooling is coming in a future version.

The Capital Gains Tab is where all Capital Gains calculations are performed. In this tab, all investments are automatically imported from the various investment tabs and fill the left transaction table.

On the right hand side is a summary of your Capital Gains estimate broken down by financial year. If these dates seem incorrect for your region, please see Dividends!B1 and correct this date.

Calculation your Capital Gain

Setting your Tax Rate

Before calculating your Capital Gain for the first time, please ensure that you have updated the relevant Capital Gain settings in the Sheet Options Tab. There are 4 settings relevant to Capital Gains.

Calculating your Gain

Capital Gains calculations are performed automatically when transaction data is entered into the investment tabs. If for some reason you would like to manually trigger a calculation, you can either:

  1. Press the Calculate Capital Gain button in the Capital Gains Tab. Hint: If you cannot see this tab, please re-run the personalisation step in the First Time Setup tab to show this tab.

2. Press the Recalculate button above the FIFO Capital Gains column in the investment tabs

This process can take up to 20 seconds to complete and values will refresh once complete.

Estimated Tax Owed

WARNING: This is an estimate and relies upon accurate tax rates set in the SheetOptions tab.

Please note the financial year capital gain breakdown table does not carry forward losses between the financial years.

To see your estimated Tax outcome, please see the 4th column of the Capital Gains breakdown table.

Long Term Discount Methodology

Long-term discounts are only applied if a capital gain is made, and only to the portion of the total gain.

For example:

  • Short Term Gain: -$600

  • Long Term Gain: +$800

Your overall gain is there $200. The long-term Capital Gains discounted rate will only be applied to the overall surplus $200 Capital gain, not the $800 long-term Capital gain.

Capital Gains in Net Worth

If you choose to show your future Capital Gains tax liability in your Liabilities Tab, will adjust down your Net Worth by this amount. This may be handy if you have recently sold off a large volume of an investment, and have a large expected Capital Gains tax liability at the end of the year.

This will ensure this liability is accounted for in the present for a potentially more accurate Net Worth.

The amount shown in the Liabilities Tab will only be for the Financial Year you are currently in.

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