Recording a Month

Recording a month locks in your asset values at a certain moment in time, enabling you to gain a sense of progress month to month.

How to record a month

Step 1 - Update any tabs that have changed since last month to bring all your balances up to date. For most, this is usually the Cash and Retirement tabs, or any investments that you have not already entered. This gets quite simple once you have run the sheet a few times.

Step 2 - Go to the Net Worth tab and press the Click to record month & update Sheet button.

Step 3 - Select whether you are recording for the current month, or a past month.

Step 3b - If you are updating a month in the past, select the month you are updating.

If you are recording for a month in the past, the values saved will be the values and amounts currently in the sheet.

After clicking select month the "Running Script" info box will disappear, but processes are still continuing in the background.

That's it! The Sheet may do some number crunching from anywhere between 20 seconds to a minute. After the process has been completed successfully you should receive a summary pop up and email.

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