The Property Tab tracks the performance of owned real estate as well as associated mortgages.

Manual User Cells: • Property purchase & live price information • Mortgage details

Entering in a Property

To enter in a property, simply fill out the various yellow cells in the Property rows.

Entering in a Mortgage

To enter in a property, simply fill out the various yellow cells in the Mortgage rows.

Mortgage Offsets can be dealt with in many different ways. Uniquely, Offset accounts can count as both a Cash account as well as down payments on your loan. Since this money can flex in between it can be a grey area, but for the purposes of the Sheet it needs to be more definite.

It is recommended that you come up with a theoretical minimum floor/emergency Cash amount that you have earmarked for emergencies, investments or general purchases ($30,000 for example). This $30,000 balance would go in the Cash tab as "Offset Account".

In the Property tab for "Mortgage amount paid" you would put the remainder of this balance (ie. Total Offset Balance - $30,000). That way as your Offset Cash balance grows, in the Sheet more of your mortgage will be reflected as paid off over time.

Rental Income & Investment Properties

Income from a an investment property should be entered into the Side Income tab. Rename one of the example columns as needed and enter the after-tax rent each month.

Rental income can also be accounted for in the Property tab in the "Net Rent Profit To Date ($)" row, which will include this rental profit in your overall property return value.

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