Initial Steps

The initial steps required to setup your Sheet. Please note these instructions are for v2 and above and therefore may mention some features that aren't available in v1

Getting Started

Getting started with the Sheet involves 5 easy steps. These are outlined below:

The First Time Setup tab.
Step 1 - Click File > Make a Copy and save the Sheet where you'd like in your Google Drive (if you haven't already). If you access the Sheet and you find it is read-only, chances are you're editing my master copy. You need to make your own copy first before you can make changes.
Step 2 - Click the initialize button to initialize the Sheet. This powers the Sheet calculations.
You may receive a popup saying this app isn't verified. This is because the code driving the Sheet hasn't been externally published. This is so the code can be bundled with the Sheet for full transparency & ownership. If you would like to view the code driving the Sheet, feel free to audit this code yourself via Tools -> Script Editor. This code has been independently verified by many members of the community. Please also see the Privacy FAQ here.
To proceed click advanced and 'Go to PersonalSavingsScript'.
Step 3 - Read the Disclaimer and click "I accept" if you agree to these conditions.
Step 4 - Select the Sheet features below that are relevant to you to personalize the Sheet to your liking.
You can repersonalise the Sheet at anytime to reveal Sheet features.
Click View -> Hidden Sheets -> First Time Setup Tab. Then head back to the First Time Setup tab, select Yes to the options you would like and reclick "Click to Personalise Sheet'.
Step 5 - Working from left to right through the various tabs, go through all the different tabs and update the cells that are yellow to input your information. Everything else is automated!
Only update cells that are coloured yellow like the above.
And that's it! That's all you need to do to get the Sheet setup. Please next read the instructions on how to record each month and store your history.