Dividends form a very important part of investment returns, especially high-dividend paying stocks. By entering dividends, you keep your performance statistics accurate.

Manual User Cells: • Dividend History and 6 respective columns • Dividend Reinvestment - Dividend Payout frequency • Dividend Reinvestment - DRP on/off status

Entering Dividends into the Dividends tab automatically filters through to the ETF, Stock and Managed Funds tab (if applicable). This in turn factors into your Total Return and Dividends figures ensuring your total return figures are accurate.

Entering a Dividend

To enter a dividend, fill out a new row according to the below:



Payment Date

This is the date that the payment is made to you, either to your Bank or DRP.


This is the Ticker code responsible for the dividend, matched to your Watch table.

Holding Type

The category of the dividend (see dropdown).


The date that the fund went ex-dividend. This is used to calculate the yield of the holding. Please see the holding providers announcement or Google search to find this date.


Yes/No to whether the dividend was reinvested.

Net Amount

The NET after-tax amount that you were paid.

Crypto staking is planned for a future Sheet version.

Dividend Reinvestment Analyser

The Sheet can help you determine and calculate how long it will take for your reinvested dividends to purchase one whole unit. This is based on yields and how often Dividends are paid. Dividends Freq (m) refers to how often a particular holding pays Dividends. Please see the holding website for this information. This may be quarterly, annually or twice annually for example. Enter this figure in terms of months (ie. 3,6,12).

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