Other Assets

The Other Assets tab is a catch all tab for any assets that you would like included in your Net Worth. Any type of asset can be entered into this table.

Manual User Cells: • Other Assets Purchase History table




The description or name of the asset.

Purchase Date

The date of purchase of the asset.


The amount of units moved. This is a positive number when purchasing, negative number when selling.


The currency that the unit purchase price is valued in. This will automatically be converted to the local currency of your Sheet.

Unit Purchase Price

The purchase price of the unit in the currency it was purchased in.

Life Unit Price

The current unit price in the currency it was purchased in.

Sold Units

How many units of your original purchase have since been sold.

Commodity Live Price support

Bundled with the template is live support for Gold & Silver spot prices. Please see the template for an example.

International Asset Support

In the v2 version, the Sheet has support for including international funds and converting these live into your local currency. These assets are then included in your net worth with the current days exchange rate.

Entering an international asset

To enter an asset into the Sheet, as with other parts of the Sheet you should fill in the yellow cells. In the Unit Purchase Price and Live Unit Price columns, enter in the foreign values (in the example above this is USD, circled in red).

This is then automatically converted to the Sheets local currency in the Purchase Value and Current Value columns (circled in blue).

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