Updates & Migrations

Upgrading from an older Sheet version is extremely simple with the built-in migration tool.

Future Updates - New versions of the v2 Sheet are emailed to you as major version are released (ie. v2.9, v2.10). Minor version releases (ie. v2.10.1, v2.10.2) are distributed using the original invite links for the major version and do not have email announcements.

Please see the live changelog to stay up to date on releases.

If you have not received the latest invite to the Sheet please click here.

You can upgrade to a new version of the Sheet using the inbuilt migration tool. Updating to a new version of the Sheet with this tool takes just 30 seconds and migrates all your information across on your behalf. This tool is in the Migrate Data tab.

To complete a migration, please follow these steps:

Step 1 - Open the link to the new Sheet, and save a copy of the latest Sheet in your Google Drive.

Step 2 - In your new Sheet, complete all the required steps in the First Time Setup Tab.

Step 3 - In the Migrate Data tab of your new Sheet, specify the version of your old Sheet.

If you are unsure of the version of your old sheet, you can find it in the Net Worth tab in cell C46

Step 4 - In your new Sheet, enter in the url of your old Sheet that you are upgrading from.

Step 5 - Select the tabs that you would like to migrate over from your source Sheet.

NOTE: If you have extensively modified a Sheet tab and modified the locations of some cells, the migration may not complete successfully or data may be copied incorrectly. If this happens please select No for that specific tab and try the migration again.

Step 6 - Click the Migrate Data button. This process may 2-3 minute to finish. That's it!

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