Algorithmic Investing

One of the unique and helpful features of the Sheet is an algorithmic rebalancing feature, which helps you intelligently identify where to put your money next.

This feature is investing made automatic! In a nutshell, the Sheet is automatically keeping you in line with your allocations and helps you invest and manage your money as efficiently as possible.

Say you have a certain allocation of investments that you want. ie:

  • 60% ETF's

  • 10% Stocks

  • 25% Cash

  • 5% Crypto

But you're actually looking like this:

  • 30% ETF's

  • 10% Stocks

  • 55% Cash

  • 5% Crypto

The sheet will then automatically review what you need to prioritise next. In the above example you are most deficient in ETF's and have a surplus of cash according to your allocations. The Sheet will automatically recommend that you purchase an ETF upon your next paycheck rather than putting this money directly into cash or another investment.

There are 2 extra layers of smarts that sit over the top of this though. Not only will the Sheet recommend an ETF, but it will automatically review your ETF allocations and recommend an individual ETF to buy according to your allocations.

Secondly, it will review your incoming pay, cash surplus and the severity of your deficiency and through some clever smarts among other custom algorithms that I've embedded, it will automatically determine the optimal amount to invest based on your budget.

This draws upon the logic from the popular website and adds a few extra layers.

If you are severely deficient in an asset, the sheet will recommend a large lump sum to bring you in line with your allocation preferences. Over time you'll become more in balance, the Sheet will optimize when and how often to invest to optimize your return and decrease brokerage.

So now you have identified optimally what to invest in, how much to invest, and when to invest.

Combined with the algorithmic smarts this feature is the ultimate form of dollar cost averaging and takes a lot of the thinking out of when and what to invest in. Let the sheet help do it for you!

Disclaimer: This is all based on the allocations you've setup in the sheet, and are recommendations only based on your inputs and need to be manually reviewed. This feature is a suggestion only and you must decide for yourself whether it is appropriate for you. See sheet disclaimer.

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